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He do be spittin straight facts tho.

oh no

Based & dare I say?

Uhh,based department?Hello?

Look, I for one completely disagree entirely with your rhetoric. We might not see eye to eye but I'm going to assume that you can change. We all can. It's never easy to admit when you're wrong about something but that's half the battle. I really hope we can continue to be friends after all of this but I get it. We all have an ounce of cancel culture in us.

When I was a young child, I looked up to my elders with loathing and disrespect. It may seem irrelevant to mention that but bare with me because these are very complex issues. With age we all see things differently. You never stop learning from your mistakes. Really, I'm so proud of you.

who are you

You're asking the wrong questions. It's not about who I am but why. Why does she move through the world with mysterious grace? Why does she spout confusing nonsense? Is she really just a person, or a collective of mischievous sprites?

The universe works in ways we will never understand but we try to give meaning to things that can't be named. I am the ether that exists between whispers. I am the shadow that walks in the light. I am yo mamma.

go to confession and have some kids before your eggs dry up

Pf, no. Sorry if I bothered you.

Homophobia is simply blaspheme rebranded for an alternative religion that doesn't respect the right of other religions to compete with different ideological beliefs. True equality is achieved only by tolerating and accepting both blaspheme & homophobia.

I don't believe in equality

my favorite artist is homophobic. this is a big win in my book.


Day 27 of waiting for your slowly remix to come to newgrounds

i cant even come up with the words to describe how glad i am that u dont get a cent from ppl using ur songs in gd

i dont make music for money

Great example of separating art from the artist. You absolutely suck as a person but you do make good music. I'll be listening to your music through mediums that you can not profit from. You'll never make a future if you keep this up as nobody wants to work with a person like you.

i dont meaningfully profit from any medium so go ahead

I hope you have it in you to change.

i hope homos accept the grace of God to change

Your my favourite artsiest on this platform, the fact that you can be experimental while still having a distinct style is incredible and it comes out amazing. Honest don’t give a shit about gay people because I’m not gay so I just think “do what you want” type of deal. Keep up the good work man!!

are you also misoginist? that'd be fucking epic

of course

damn man you're based and make kickass music as well


@Geomiketry @TOMBOYY fuck yes

What are your plans for your soundcloud and spotify? Do you plan to upload old/new tunes on either platform? I loved your 2018/2019 stuff so I pissed and shitted when I saw that it had been taken off SC. As for my thoughts on homophobia, akgnldfnbgkjasdnlgiujnaskfgjnlkmgdafn!!!!

t r o l l f a c e b u t i t s c r e e p y

I seriously hope you're fucking joking

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